Power Activator & Intuitive Guide

I help women Remember how truly Powerful they are & share their Voices to express their Truth.

I’ve had numerous iterations this lifetime.  They run the gamut from farmer’s daughter to corporate lawyer, from travel photographer to mama of a rainbow unicorn. 

I feel my flow & the flow of my business more fully than ever before.  I feel how She & I both mirror nature.

All the treads of my life weave together in a unique way.

As a corporate lawyer in Manhattan, I was fascinated about how the gears turned within different companies & industries.  That fascination of how it all fits together is a deep thread for me.  I also realized my need for more flexibility & freedom.  This thread was activated & created a desire for a life aligned with my soul. 

I was remembering me.

As a travel photographer, I learned so much about myself traversing the globe with my camera & my backpack.  While traveling, I started to hear the wind whisper my name & my intuition started to awaken from her slumber.  On the road, I began to cultivate trust, that deep knowing that lives with all of us that we often tune out.  I was blessed to share my vision of the world through words & images…to share the people & places that touched my soul. 

I was remembering to trust myself. 

I was remembering that I am a global citizen…a multidimensional being.

As a community builder in the wellness industry with my own franchise, I created some of the freedom & flexibility that I deeply desire.  I was also made aware that I was bringing my old ways, the dragging it along & depleting myself, to this new space.  I realized that I thought it was the space, the office in a high-rise in Manhattan, that was the issue but the reality was I was living through my wounded masculine lens & depleting myself.  I woke to my need to shift my How, to step more into my divinity. 

I was remembering the divine feminine & divine masculine energies the live within me.

I was remembering my divine blueprint.

As a podcaster, I create & hold devotional space.  A space to come together where magic occurs.  It has been a transformative journey to share myself & my voice on my Honor The Feminine Podcast.  This became a platform for my growth & evolution & a place for my innate connector to play with my amazing guests.

I was remembering how to share my voice & express my truth.

All the threads of me come together to create unique space for women to more fully know themselves, their innate gifts & their own fire.

Also, I’m a lover of young adult (YA) fiction & I’m obsessed with dragons.

I’m a Fire Ignitor who is more & more comfortable with my shadow & my light.