Episode 96 ~ Shannon Ledford ~ Brilliant Allies of 2017 | Honor the Feminine

Show Notes

Your host, Shannon Ledford, shares her Brilliant Allies from 2017 & the transformative journey of podcasting.

It is the time of year for gift guides…those things you loved and could not live without…Shannon’s gifts this year were the Brilliant Allies that her guides put in her path. In a year where she burned down a lot of spiritual & emotional structure these allies were the access points to remember more of her true self.

Shannon is sharing her Brilliant Allies & their inspiration with YOU over at Honor The Feminine Daily.  She also does raw, vulnerable LIVE posts in this group on the regular.  She invite you join her HERE.

Brilliant Allies ~ The Gifts of Ancestral Healing

This week's Brilliant Allies are Miyuki Yamamoto & Daniel Foor. Join our collective of amazing visionaries at Honor The Feminine Daily (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1321211064578019/).