Episode 95 ~ Allison Moon ~ Cosmic Wonders | Honor the Feminine

Show Notes

Allison Moon is a visionary, mystic, feminine, and Bhakti artist and Bhakti spiritual guide who uses her art as a medium to self-express her visions of the Divine Feminine and worlds unseen. She runs a creative art, publishing, and design studio, Ms Moon, where she brings her wide array of talents and spiritual gifts together to serve her community.

Allison writes blogs on philosophies ranging from emotional healing to Bhakti and connecting with the Feminine. She currently is working on crafting witchy journals, several oracle decks, and a string of Bhakti journals working through the Hindu pantheon.

She just launched her latest work, a journaling coloring book ¬†on Cosmic Polarity, “Cosmic Wonders” and has another coloring book available called “Down to Earth.” Allison is working toward facilitating Bhakti circles in the coming new year.

Travel Image ~ Divine Artistry ~ Jaisalmer, India

This is the quintessential divine of the feminine in the container of the sacred masculine. The dance of the two energies is the grandness of life. This is one of the magnificent sights in the golden city of Jaisalmer. Each of the large towns in Rajasthan boasts an epic fort that is the product of the warrior clan and feudal lords, the Rajputs. The container of the sacred masculine is seen looming over the town but the real secret is the way the divine feminine flows through it all. The flow needs structure feel held in order to be its most powerful self & the structure need flow to feel the true essence of life.