Episode 62 ~ Marjorie Warkentin ~ From Helper To Healer | Honor the Feminine

Show Notes

Marjorie is a nature lover, Queen of Women’s Circles, a Writer and a Life Coach with years of life experience and wisdom to share.

She is a Playful Spirit.

She is a book, coffee and conversation lover.

She is a photographer, a maker of yummy soups, and she loves live music, especially Jazz and the Blues.

She is enlivened by connection with other women.

Marjorie is a retired nurse who now uses her gifts to facilitate leadership workshops and coach those who are looking for support to move from a place of victim to creating a life that is filled with pleasure and purpose.

Marjorie is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, sister and a daughter of parents who are embracing life in their 90s.

You can deepen in with Marjorie at www.marjoriewarkentin.com.

Travel Image ~ Kingfisher ~ Varanasi, India

Strewn along the muddy banks of the sacred Ganges River at Varanasi are wooden boats that ply up and down the waters. While the banks and ghats have a frenetic energy, you can find calm serenity sitting in a little wooden rowboat on the river. There is a magical quality to floating on the sacred and reflective waters. In a boat at dawn or dusk, you can experience the energy of life without being shuffled through the chaos. The kingfisher exemplifies Indian culture with its brilliant color and immense energy. This beautiful bird is enjoying a rare quiet moment on the banks of the Ganges.