Episode 57 ~ Kristine Madera ~ God In Drag | Honor the Feminine

Show Notes

Kristine Madera is a speaker, #1 bestselling author & coach who teaches women how to stay centered in their authentic truth even during the most challenging personal and professional situations. Authenticity is our natural state and is key to embodying our divine feminine. It also decreases stress, enhances well-being and vastly improves satisfaction and success in all areas of life.

Throughout Kristine’s 30 years of personal development work and 14 years in the mind-body integration field, she has explored how we can better express authentic truth in our bodies and our lives, especially as women.

You can find her at KristineMadera.com.  You can gift yourself her book, God In Drag at http://www.GodinDrag.com.

Travel Image ~ Image Of God ~ Varanasi, India

As morning dawns in Varanasi the Ganges River pulses to life. The Ganges is truly a sacred entity, revered as a goddess whose purity cleanses the sins of the faithful and aids the dead on their path toward heaven. The Ganges is a symbol of hope. On the steps that flank the Ganges there is elaborate art of the Hindu Gods. Shiva is the destroyer & the blue signifies all pervading, infinity which has no limits.