About | Honor the Feminine
Shannon Ledford

I have lived many iterations this lifetime.  My journey has shaped me.

Who am I?

I am a farmer’s daughter from rural California.  I am a former Manhattan corporate lawyer.
I am a world traveler with a gypsy’s heart.
I am a travel photographer that shared my images through art festivals.
I am a whole food nutrition enthusiast.  I am a vertical gardener.
I am wife to my hunky husband.  I am mama to my daughter, The Rainbow Unicorn.
I am a believer in sisterhood.
I am a connector.

Transitioning from a corporate lawyer in Manhattan to a life of gypsy freedom felt

I went from an office on the 37th floor overlooking 5th Avenue to living out of a 1984 Land Cruiser driving through Southern & Eastern Africa for 10 months.

And the pendulum swings…

The images from my travels I sold as fine art & I spent 6 years traversing the world as a global citizen.  As my final long trip was winding down I could feel the pull of putting down roots.  Enter my hunky husband followed by our daughter, The Rainbow Unicorn, joining our family.

And the pendulum swings…

As I put down roots in North Carolina,  I began a new business sharing true whole food supplements and vertical gardening systems, I found myself leaning into my striving masculine to make it successful.  Early on this worked but it stopped being fun and fulfilling and just felt draining.

Enter Sisterhood…Enter Magic…Enter Feminine Flow

This began a journey to feel into who I really am at my divine essence.

Who am I really?

I am a Dragon Warrior Priestess.  I am a Daughter of Isis.  I am an Intuitive Channel.  I am a Sacred Space Holder.
I am a Guide for Intuitive Awakening.  I am a Weaver of the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine Within.
I am a Feminine Leader.  I am a Sovereign Queen.
I am Magic.

While out in the world I began to hear the whispers of my intuition, she & I now know each other intimately & commune on the regular.  The beauty of life is that it is dynamic movement.  I do not have any of it figured out.  I am living into all of this & the process is messy often.

I believe we are each remembering & coming back to our own true divine nature.  The healing on this journey happens in sisterhood.   It happens in those sacred, safe spaces where we can come together as our full selves & support each other on the journey.  As a sacred space holder & feminine leader I connect women with each other.

We journey together in the journey of remembering.

The Honor the Feminine podcast is born out of my sisterhood journey.  My journey to connect with more women and connect you with the inspiring women that are in, and continue to show up, in my life.  I believe that when we connect & surrender we remember.

I am ever-evolving.  I am remembering.

So are YOU.

It is MY divine right to REMEMBER.  It is YOUR divine right to REMEMBER.