My Journey | Honor the Feminine

My Journey of Zigging & Zagging

I have lived many lives this lifetime.

My early years were spent on our family’s pear farm in a small town in Northern California.  A town that I love now but at the time felt small and confining.

The desire for something bigger landed me in a skyscraper in Manhattan, after college and law school, working as a corporate lawyer.  Few environments value the masculine energy more highly than the world of corporate lawyers in Manhattan!  This fit me fine at the time and the pattern for bulldozing through to achieve my vision was deeply engrained.

After 2 ½ years in that world I had a pendulum shift and picked up and spent 15 months traveling around the world.  In a move of epic proportion, I left the concrete jungle of Manhattan behind and a friend and I bought a 1984 Land Cruiser (the “Beast” because every amazing vehicle should have a great name) in Durban, South Africa and spent the next 10 months driving through Southern & Eastern Africa ~ living out of the Beast.  From there I was off to Southeast Asia for 6 months of solo travel.

Out in the world I found myself again and started to hear the whispers of my intuition that had been silenced in my stressful day to day.  The internal noise began to quiet, the expectations evaporated and this space allowed me to really hear from myself again.  This awareness felt brand new to me and my internal landscape began to shift.

Over the next few years I was a travel photographer.  Travelling mostly solo and experiencing and capturing moments out in our beautiful world. I sold my work as fine art in California.  I would travel for the first few months of each year and take a new body of work and then spend the remainder of the year traveling to art festivals.  I loved this time in my life.

Even while spending months of each year traveling, there was, and continues to be, an internal struggle of how to be “successful” in this world ~ which I have equated with masculine energy ~ and how to honor the feminine intuition I had rediscovered out in the world.

My life shifted again as I was ready to be more rooted and less on the road ~ it was my time to settle into marriage & motherhood.  As I started a new business sharing true whole food supplements and vertical gardening systems, I found myself leaning into my masculine to make it successful.  Early on this worked but it stopped being fun and fulfilling and just felt draining.

It was time to change course.  Enter sisterhood, I was cautious, I was unconvinced that women could really, truly support each other but I was hopeful.  Our team is made up of mostly women and we have been on, and continue to be on, an incredible journey.  As I connected with sisters outside my business I started to shift my ideas of how things had to be and with their love & support magic began to happen.

Bursts of magic stated to occur in all areas of my life.  I am a better woman, a better mother, a better sister, a better friend, a better wife and a better leader through the process.  The Honor the Feminine podcast is born out of my journey to connect with more women and connect you with the inspiring women that are in, and continue to show up, in my life.