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Connect ~ Surrender ~ Remember

We are each a play between our masculine & our feminine energies.  Through the journey of our lives we tend to lean in more to one or the other.

The Honor the Feminine Podcast will weave an image & story from my world travels, an image birthed of my vision & intuition, with the story of an amazing woman in my life and her relationship with her feminine intuition.  I will be healing right along the way and am honored you have joined me on this journey.

My Story Around The Feminine: I have tended to lean more into my masculine energy and come from a place of striving instead of a place of creating.  In an effort to live more fully, I have begun to feel more into my feminine energy.   Much of our world tends to value the masculine so our feminine intuition, that guiding voice that is always present within each of us, tends to go quiet and can become difficult to hear.  Our intuition is our constant companion and when we hear her & feel her we receive invaluable messages.

I am a reluctant believer in the value of the feminine.  I have been entrenched in my truth that as women we do not support each other, that we are catty and out to break each other down.  Over the past year I have awakened to the incredible power that is created when sisters (dear friends) work together & truly support each other in the creation of our dreams.

My old doubts and stories around women still creep in from time to time.  However, this is really an old story for me that tries to reclaim itself as my truth.  My intuition knows better and her voice is stronger now.  Looking back on my journey, I find that I was most in tune with my intuition when I was traveling the world and out of my element.  Uncertainty forced me to lean into the feminine and be carried by intuition.  It created the space I needed within so that I could hear the whispers of my true self.

The Honor the Feminine Podcast is about healing the old wounds that many of us carry and highlighting the amazing people, especially women, in my life & their stories around sisterhood & the wisdom of their intuition and how they nurture their relationship with the feminine.

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